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  • Be in the Know: Peace of Mind Messaging for MassageTableRentals Renter

    Posted on December 21, 2018 by Allison

    At MassageTableRentals, we work with health and cosmetology professionals, media companies, professional event planning agencies, associations, and conference coordinators every day. We know that updates and clear information about your rental matters.

    Online ordering provides you with immediate detailed confirmation of your order, including dates and equipment selected. Once your order is received, we spring [...]

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  • Mobile Site for MassageTableRentals.com and MassageSupplier.com

    Posted on April 22, 2015 by Allison

    Thanks to Google and their mobile friendly requirements, we are launching a new mobile optimized site today! Here it is:
    The new mobile site gives you an overview of our service areas, links to our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel, links to this blog, and prompts you quickly to receive a call or contact us via [...]

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  • Armed Forces and Veterans Discount

    Posted on November 3, 2014 by Allison

    NaperMed Inc. is proud to announce our new Armed Forces and Veterans Discount of 15% off of all services and products.  Please use coupon code ARMEDFORCES to enjoy this discount.  We value the contributions of our Armed Forces personnel, our veterans, and those serving in our Reserves.  Please let us know if we can offer [...]

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  • Gearing Up for the Holidays

    Posted on November 12, 2013 by Allison

    We are gearing up for a series of promotions and discounts on fitness and personal care products, as well as massage and spa products this holiday season. Consider sharing one with a friend!

    Here are a few to get you started!

    Look no further for discounts on the MassageTableRentals & MassageSupplier website - including holiday and special [...]

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