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Gearing Up for the Holidays

Posted on November 12, 2013 by Allison There have been 0 comments

We are gearing up for a series of promotions and discounts on fitness and personal care products, as well as massage and spa products this holiday season. Consider sharing one with a friend!
Here are a few to get you started!


Look no further for discounts on the MassageTableRentals & MassageSupplier website - including holiday and special promotions!

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Holiday 2013 10% Savings: holiday13
Save 10% on any retail item in our store with this discount code, good through December 31, 2013!

Sinus Products Sale - Save 15%: sinusrelief
Save 15% off of any sinus product now through March 31, 2014

Free Shipping on Stamina Reformers: - No coupon Code needed
Get free shipping on Stamina Pilates Reformers and all accessories

Spa and Stationary - Save 12%: spastation
Save 12% on Spa And Stationary tables now through Dec 24, 2013 - Happy Holidays to your hands, back, feet - ahh the relief of the right support!  Good on any stationary, lift, or hydraulic table.

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