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Founded by Allison Ishman, LMT, Pilates Instructor, President and Director of MassageTableRentals.com and MassageSupplier.com, we strive to help people live a healthy, balanced, better lifestyle.  Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle often includes finding new ways to keep things fresh, including workouts and self-care.  We pride ourselves on selecting products and makers of impressive quality, offering excellent service to every customer, being honest and ethical, and strive to offer products for every budget.  We encourage sharing and thoughtful shopping, so please use your Wish List and feel free to reach out and Contact Us for help with any questions you have about our store or our products and services.  

Our 30-Day money back guarantee applies to everything we sell.  We also list manufacturer warranties on every manufacturer section, so you can reach out to them for your product purchases.  We are growing every year, we look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you soon.  Give us a call today, or visit our website for your next massage and spa equipment rental or purchase!

As we continue to grow, we now provide services directly to specific markets, and you can find our Massage and Spa products directly by typing in MassageSupplier.com, go directly to our fitness and Pilates products by visiting PilatesSupplier.com, and reach the Eye Surgery Rentals division information on our site by visiting VitrectomyRentals.com.


Valued Clients

  • American Massage Therapy Association
  • American Urological Association
  • American Physical Therapy Association
  • American Polarity Therapy Association
  • NBC Studios
  • Saks Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, NY
  • LPGA – Ladies Professional Golf Association
  • Dr. Oz’s Free Clinic thru MTI Event Management
  • Men’s Health, Rodale Press
  • The NBA Combines through GES Exposition Services
  • Pan-Am Games wrestling, through DeMarsh Construction
  • And many, many more! 

How MassageTableRentals Began

People are always interested in learning how we got our start, so I’m sharing our story with you.  I hope it helps you understand how we got started in massage, health and spa equipment rentals and sales.

In the process of growing my massage therapy practice, I had several satellite offices and traveled with athletes to professional and Olympic events in 1995-96.  I had extra massage tables and chairs I used at events, but after 1996 the equipment mostly lived under the stairs and gathered dust.  A friend or client asked to rent one here and there, so I rented them locally when the need arose.  To help keep the equipment details handy, I put up a page on our clinic website with details about the extra tables and chairs I had available to rent.  We only rented locally at this point, and just on a handshake.

Our web page was found by search engines, and over time the demand for bigger numbers of tables trickled in.  When I got calls for 10-15 tables in California or New York, I just said “No, we don’t have that many, and don’t ship them.  Sorry.”  Then things changed.  An area middle school needed 8 tables for health screenings at a health fair.  Who doesn’t want to find extra tables for kids at a health fair?  I did!  So I began calling friends and rustling up their extra tables.  One school district gave our number to another school district, and then another.  So, I decided to avoid hustling tables between friends and call Oakworks about becoming a dealer. I thought rental tables were needed anyway.  I was tired of going to continuing education events and signing waivers that I would lie on a banquet table (which I would not do – that doesn’t sound safe to me!) or working on the floor.  I remember a neuromuscular therapy course I took for whiplash care, and people were leaning over to work on the lecture chairs – all grouped together - or even worse, on the floor!  Those therapists were likely to go home hurting – from a professional development conference, of all places.

We launched MassageTableRentals.com in 2008.  Over time, we grew our equipment rental offerings to include spa chairs, economy tables, desktop portals, body cushions, bolsters, and accessories.  We expanded our transportation network to serve customers better.  We developed the MassageSupplier.com site and expanded our product offerings for those that preferred to buy rather than rent.  We are now pleased to include many associations in our client list, along with some great business organizations.

So, that’s how we got our start. 

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