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Choosing an Oakworks Portable Table

Posted on December 17, 2012 by Allison There have been 0 comments

Massage therapy provides a variety of health benefits that offer relief from stress, discomfort and pain. Massage tables and chairs are key tools therapists use to ensure comfort, position clients for optimal treatment, offer good body mechanics for a therapist’s longevity, and help each client to relax. MassageSupplier offers many brands of massage tables and chairs, and today I want to talk more about a manufacturer based in New Freedom, PA called Oakworks. The durability and service behind Oakworks makes their product line an attractive option for any health professional or business person planning a massage space, spa, clinic, or medical practice.

Oakworks provides CFC free foam and PVC free vinyl, making them the eco-friendly choice. All of their equipment is also assembled in the USA, making them an excellent choice for quality and affordability in the marketplace. Their warranty and service is very hard to beat. Select from 22 Terra-Touch upholstery options and 5 upgraded Ultra-Touch upholstery options for most models.

For massage therapy, Oakworks offers a variety of table types and accessories with features to support the way you want to practice. Try Oakworks Portable Tables for a table that can set up nearly anywhere. These tables are all adjustable in height, come in a variety of widths ranging from 27″ to 33″, come with a broad choice of colors, and are available in packages such as Essential, Professional and Traveler with each model.

For a wood table option, try the lightweight Oakworks Aurora, or the slightly heavier but noticeably more lush Oakworks Nova. If you want an incline back feature, you can select the spa-class portable table Oakworks Alliance, which is also available with a metal frame.  At an entry level price point, Oakworks also offers the Oakworks One Portable Table Package, with a lighter-duty single layer pad, and the Oakworks Kela Portable Table Package, with a 3-layer pad.

If you prefer a lighter frame than wood can offer, Oakworks offers an aluminum frame with the Oakworks Wellspring. The Wellspring competes with the Nova for comfort but offers a lighter frame for those that travel. Lighter yet is the Oakworks Advanta, offered to provide unique positioning with a cut-out top. For Thai and Shiatsu, Oakworks offers the Storable Mat, which sits much lower to the ground for these unique treatment requirements.

-Allison Ishman, President, LMT
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