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USA Track and Field


Helping with Pro Sports & Screening for Retirees  

Helping with Pro Sports
Screening for Retirees (12 Tables at Last Year’s Superbowl for Urology Screening)

USA Track and Field is a prime example of our helping with pro sports. We love renting our tables out to pro sports athletes. We had twelve tables at last year’s Superbowl for screening of retirees!


Our rental system makes professional sports events a breeze. We handle the delivery and pickup, while you simply use the table. Our premium line of tables work for any type of athlete, and the economy line is also great for leaner athletes in competition. Whether you are in need of tables for health screening or for massage, we are here to help. With our company, there is no hassle of worrying about transportation of your own tables. We handle all of that.


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New York Yankees 

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