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New York Yankees

  • Special Sports Events on the Field (Runner’s World and Men’s Health Magazine)
  • Delivering to Ball Parks and Fields (Grant Park and Madison Square Garden)

The New York Yankees have used our Premium Massage Rental tables in the past. We love delivering to special sports events, especially on the field. Grant Park and Madison Square Garden are big parks, but we can deliver to ball parks and fields, events and races from San Francisco to Manhattan, New York, and most places in between! We don’t just deliver to professional sports teams, but to any program or event on the field. For example, Runner’s World and Men’s Health Magazine have used our services for triathlons and marathons, supporting runners and athletes with professional recovery and medical services and sponsoring some of the top events in the United States.

Our quick delivery and easy pickup is very useful to events on the field and in parks. We handle all the transportation hassle, while you simply use to table for your needs. We have shipping options at different speeds and budgets to help support the time frame that works best for you.


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