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News and PR Firms

Our equipment rentals are ideal for media, production, and PR firms. Rentals are simple; they are delivered, used for a short period of time, and returned with ease. MassageTableRentals.com offers a variety of tables for different purposes, varying from Premium massage tables for demonstrations and spa class applications, an economy line for lighter and simpler setup and savings on shipping, and exam equipment for our lightest and simplest rental environments. PR and media companies typically value our thorough communication about delivery and tracking, our support in product selection, and the variety of delivery services to serve every event date. We use FedEx overnight, ground, and courier delivery options.

The National Broadcasting Company (NBC), an American commercial broadcast television and radio network based in New York City, uses our massage table rentals for production purposes. For example, we enjoyed seeing our exam tables rented for the production of the Chicago Fire show in the summer of 2015. We also work with production companies in Hollywood and throughout the United States for movie and TV, educational videos, and other media events.




Rental returns are easy. Your news and PR firm can be rest assured that we are managing the pickup process through a detailed return pickup process on every order. We also deliver our equipment a business day prior to your first rental use day, making your rental pieces available for the full day you are renting for. This practice helps keep you in budget and prevents unexpected costs.




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