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China Gel

Dr. Paul M. Tullio, Founder of ChinaGel

  Dr. Paul M. Tullio, D.C., a Chiropractic Physician who practiced chiropractic, and oriental medicine, which included the use of acupuncture, developed China-Gel topical pain reliever. His research pointed out that there were a number of herbal substances that were reported to reduce pain and inflammation when taken orally or applied directly to the skin. The focus was on those herbal substances that were most frequently mentioned in the literature on oriental medicine as being effective in the relief of inflammation and pain.  He proceeded to use this formula in his clinic on virtually every ultra-sound treatment that was given which amounted to thousands upon thousands of applications over the course of ten years.
Chinagel Topical Analgesic Actually Releases Endorphins!  

As an added physiological benefit, China-Gel, when applied as directed, stimulates the endorphin receptors and elicits the pain relieving endorphin response. Also, the stimulation of the circulation removes the “P” factor, or lactic acid, in the muscle, which produces muscle spasm, and allows the muscles to relax. Research shows that both of these reactions lower the level of pain. 

Of major concern was that the product be different from and superior to all others on the market. It was to resemble and feel like a fine hand cream that, following application, would disappear and not leave a lingering odor, but yet would be effective in the relief of pain. Above all, the product had to be natural and without any harsh chemicals that might be damaging to the skin.

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